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Loyalty is when someone likes and reblogs all of your selfies

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玉林寺裏路地 by m-louis on Flickr.
Anonymous has asked: I don't wanna seem like a stalker lol but I talk to you everytime I go to UO and you're always super nice!!!!!! My friends and I went shopping and I was all disappointed when I didn't see you today :/

oh shit haha sry :| had midterms to study for 

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fml so much perfection in 1 photo
Anonymous has asked: Hi!! Was wondering if you could put down a link to the sperrys you own? The brown ones. Thank you x


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Anonymous has asked: you're so stunning- I have serious hair envy hahaha… what's your fave food?

pho and authentic mexican tacos ♥‿♥

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Need. More. Sun.