Hang Wolfman
Anonymous has asked: You make me want to belly dace to the sunlet moon, chill like the shark in air

i like the sound of this 

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kooturee has asked: can you give links of the places you shop/you promote? I like your clothes :-)





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sonnyuuos has asked: Which version do you prefer watching, English sub or English dub?

u not real if u watch dub

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Anonymous has asked: which is better naruto or naruto: shippuden?

r u kidding me

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Anonymous has asked: do you think you're really pretty or just pretty among most girls

some days i’m insanely pretty, other days i’m just alive

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i’m obsessed

Hoodie by CSC x FURE® matching my mood
Anonymous has asked: Any advice for a loner in high school?

focus on yourself. learn about yourself. love yourself. and figure out what the hell you want to do with your life before you get in college 

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Anonymous has asked: Do you wear any makeup at all?

eyeliner, brows, and concealer 

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