Hang Wolfman
Anonymous has asked: can I make parody account of you on twitter ? Your permission [yes] or [no]

no please don’t 

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been-trilll has asked: how do you keep your black clothes from fading ? i wear hella lot of black and i wash them together and stuff but they always fade. any tips?

wash in cold water and let it air dry 

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future replica​ blessed me. check them out if you haven’t already! sickest clothing around // www.futurereplica.com
eyeliner game gettin strong 
Anonymous has asked: Would u ever consider doing yt vids

yes, already in the process of making my first video 

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ig: hangtw 

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atikk has asked: I heard you were a closeted shut in.

you didn’t hear squat. don’t you have anything better to do than to constantly harass me on tumblr and instagram? gawd damn boy 

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remmancuuh has asked: You did the ALS challenge right?


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