Hang Wolfman
Anonymous has asked: hey hang, I just wanted to take the time to tell you just how beautiful you are. you legitimately remind me of some girl that would come straight out of a book, I'm extremely envious, sorry if it this sounds super idiosyncratic and all but I just really adore you. I seriously look up to you whole heartedly. you really look like an angel, just without wings. I hope this isn't too cliché for your liking but you're so beautiful and I just wanted to acknowledge you of this.

whoa, best thing anyone has ever written to me. thank you so much 

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thim slick

hang is bae.
Anonymous has asked: hey girl!! i was wondering where did you buy that nude crotchet tank?! im absolutely in love with it!! thanks :)


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straw hat crew 

王菲 《出路》